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Our Gel batteries are the BEST BATTERIES you will ever find for your antique motorcycle. I installed one on my VINCENT and turned the headlight and tailight on for 90 minutes while not running , the voltage dropped less than 1/4 volt !!!!! Lights were just as bright after 90 minutes. It is a totally sealed battery that needs no messy vent line and WILL NOT CORRODE at terminals. It has spade type terminals and rubberized case coating for antique look. WE ARE MOTORCYCLIST THAT ACTUALLY USE THE PRODUCTS WE SELL !! If you have a poor charging system such as miller or lucas this could solve your problem. I feel confident you could ride 3-4 hours with BRIGHT lights and a nonworking charging system.

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6V18A - Gel Battery

The BEST BATTERY you will ever find for your antique motorcycle. It has Spade Type Terminals and rubberized case coating for an antique look.
Capacity: 18 amp hours  
Voltage: 6volt Height: 6 1/2"
Length: 3 1/4"
Width: 3 1/2"


I can only ship to lower 48 states by UPS
Shipping and insurance is $14.00.
Each additional is $5.00 shipping and insurance.
In Stock

This battery fits Harley Models:
Knucklehead    Panhead
Flathead            UL
ULH                 WL
WLA                WLD