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This is the best replacement battery for Harley Davidson you can find. Recomended by most Harley dealers nation wide. In our 28 years of experiance in the motorcycle retail industry this is the highest cranking, most dependable battery we have found for HD motorcycles. Believe me we have tried them all !! You can buy a cheaper battery but you will not get the power you will with this one. It is totally sealed and maintence free. YES... maintence free. FULL REFUND IF YOU ARE NOT SATISFIED. We have been in the Harley Parts business for 28 years so we know what works and what doesn't, this is not the case with most battery sellers. Since they have no liquid in them they can be mounted in almost any postion, so they are perfect for you custom choppper or bobber. Be creative just like west Coast Choppers or Orange County Choppers and hide that battery. These batteries are tough, designed to take extreme heat and vibration so you don't have to worry about your battery on your next ride. They also have a very slow discharge rate of about 2 % a month, so no babysitting it constantly keeping it charged over the winter.

Click For Larger Image YX30L-BS Battery

YX30L-BS High output Battery

This is the best replacement battery for Harley Davidson you can find. It has 385 cold cranking amps and a 30 amp hour capacity!
Capacity: 30 amp hours Cold Cranking Amps: 385 cca
Voltage: 12volt Height: 6 7/8"
Length: 6 9/16"
Width: 5"


I can only ship to lower 48 states by UPS
Shipping and insurance is $14.00.
Each additional is $5.00 shipping and insurance.
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This battery replaces Harley batteryies YIX30L-BS and fits Harley Models:
1997 TO 2003                      FLH
1997 TO 2003                       FL