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These instructions are provided for informational purposes only, we accept no liability for any errors or omissions.


  1. Install woodruff key, pulley and retaining nut on generator shaft.

  2. Slide generator into mounting clamp and position so pulleys are aliened. Lightly snug clamp and rotate generator back and forth so clamp can penetrate point to ensure proper ground connection. Then tighten clamp to proper torque. Note an additional ground wire can be used.

  3. Install belt and adjust belt tension.


The IN-2569 is a 2 brush A type self existing generator. It requires the use of a voltage/ current regulator. Current regulation must be limited to 10 amps or generator damage not covered under warranty may result. To ensure proper regulation we recommend a CE-102 Regulator.

The A and F terminals on the generator will connect to the regulator. The regulator will have a wire to connect to the battery.